because it boils the water that filters through your coffee grounds. The water temperature for optimum extraction of all flavors is very narrow – 195F to 205F. So how do you ensure that your drip coffee maker heats the water to exactly that temperature and no more and no less? The answer is that you can’t. Whatever temperature the manufacturer set it at is what it’s going to be. Your drip brewer may heat the water to that narrow band or it may not. My old drip machine did not (too cool) and my coffee tasted flat and uninteresting (I’m too lazy to do a pour-over every time I want a coffee – which is often).

So, what’s the solution? Buy a drip coffee maker that the manufacturer guarantees will heat the water to no more than 205F and no less than 195F. Check out “Coffee Makers That Brew at 200 degrees (6 SCAA Certified Machines)”

I bought the Bonavita (No. 5 on the list) because of its showerhead design for wetting the coffee grounds. The description says that the Bonavita has a warming plate to keep your coffee hot - mine does NOT! The last thing you want is a warming plate to keep cooking your coffee until it looks and tastes like tar. My Bonavita has a carafe with a lid and that keeps my coffee nice and hot for hours (I drink my coffee in small amounts over time).

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