YA Coffee, an artisan roastery based in Addis Abeba, was established in 2012 by Sara Yirga with a vision of sustainable development based on a close partnership with smallholder farmers and women coffee entrepreneurs. Her firm belief is that adding value at origin and export is the key to bringing positive change in the livelihoods of people in the coffee value chain.

Sara, an Authorized Specialty Coffee Trainer (AST), and her husband Dagmawi, a bio chemist, also an Authorized Specialty Coffee Trainer (AST) and leadership consultant, supported by their staff create a formidable team of Masters in Coffee Economics and Science.

Their vision for a brilliant coffee future in Ethiopia includes:

  • Coffee Gallery Outlets in forty-five locations in Ethiopia to promote coffee tourism
  • Twenty coffee processing centers close to smallholder farms as research and training centers
  • Through chemical, physical, and sensory analysis, developing the traditional Jebena (clay pot) brewing method to meet global standards.

Their sustainable supply chain is founded on an ethically sourced coffee direct from smallholder farmers ensuring fairly-traded specialty and premium coffee. All YA coffee is roasted and packed at origin in Ethiopia so the full value chain remains in Ethiopia and supports sustainable livelihoods for farmers and biodiversity conservation.

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