Does anyone who has been in Riga for more than a few weeks not seen Bernard Larane chugging along on his famous bicycle? Or had a coffee and pastry at one of his cafés?

I first met Bernard in the late 90s when, during a sudden downpour, I took refuge in his coffee shop in Jekaba Kazarmes. It was warm, it was dry and I could order a café latte. I relaxed there between meetings, had a coffee and pastry and read the Economist or New York Times. I have met Bernard on and off in various parts of Riga, most often near his shop across from Rimi on the corner of Barona and Gertrudes as I spent most of my time in that area when I lived there.

Bernard is a Riga fixture. He has not changed in the 20 years I have known him. He’s always on his bicycle unless he’s at one of his shops and he always has time to chat for a few minutes.

Learn more about this charming French expatriate here and check out Bernard’s cafés here.

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