Excellent article from the Specialty Coffee Association about the history and culture of coffee (no fear – Kaldi is limited to a one-sentence reference) and particularly the role of women in the family and commercial chain of activities.

The author, Dagmawi Iaysu Eminetum, who is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background in biochemistry, public health, and coffee economics, discusses technology and the role of coffee in the Ethiopian economy both directly and indirectly via tourism. His key point, however, is at the end when he asks if Ethiopia will continue to be a follower of coffee market dynamics or if it will take charge of its own destiny and become a leader.

“Ethiopia can choose to write new stories that can include genomics and eco-tourism and become a hub for global coffee research, learning, and sharing. In the meantime, the world moves on with amazing possibilities, and let us hope it will simply not be a tic-talk.”,

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