Circle K Latvia, the service station chain, in cooperation with Latvian startup Koffeco and the Institute of General Chemical Technology at Riga Technical University (RTU), is recycling coffee waste to produce coffee briquettes.

Coffee grounds are milled, transformed by high temperatures, broken down, and compacted, resulting in coffee briquettes. Circle K has recycled two tonnes of coffee grounds to make the prototype briquettes.

Recycling coffee waste has a double benefit: it significantly reduces environmental pollution (decomposing coffee grounds produce methane) and the coffee briquettes produce up to 25% more heat and burn 20% longer than most types of wood.

The briquettes will be for sale in March.


  • Yessenia Dibble said:

    I would like a machine to make briquettes from used coffee grounds here in Texas, USA. What binders would I need. Not commercial just a machine for home use. Price? Process?

    March 15, 2022

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